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Gaétan Martin Électricien inc. plans, installs, tests, inspects, troubleshoots and repairs all types of industrial electrical equipment that are critical to the operation of your commercial and industrial business.

This includes all equipment and components directly or indirectly related to electricity, including motors, generators, pumps, lighting systems and associated electrical and electronic controls.

Although the type of work varies depending on the size of your company, its products or services, we are trained to :

  • Read and interpret electrical diagrams, plans and electrical code requirements to determine the location of electrical equipment;
  • Install, repair and replace electrical cables, power outlets, switch boxes, conduits, interconnections, cable assemblies, lighting fixtures and other electrical components;
  • Test electrical and electronic equipment for continuity, voltage and resistance;
  • Install, maintain, repair and test switchgear, transformers, meters and regulators of distribution panels;
  • Install, maintain, repair and test electric motors, generators, industrial storage batteries, low voltage distribution systems and hydraulic and pneumatic control systems for electrical circuits;
  • Locate faults, maintain and repair industrial electrical and electronic control systems, and other related devices, as well as microprocessor systems;
  • Install and maintain data communication systems, back-up circuits, heating, ventilation and air conditioning control systems;
  • Carry out preventative maintenance programs and maintain maintenance records;
  • Temporary replacement of your maintenance workforce;
  • Assistance and training for your electrical maintenance employees.

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