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Given the frequent use of fluorescents on farms, the waterproof factor becomes a very important selection criterion. We install IP67-category fixtures, meeting the highest standards of insurers and electrical codes.


The incandescent lamp has the efficiency of 14 to 25 lumens per watt, while the fluorescent lamp has the efficiency of the order of 60 to 70 lumens per watt (thus a fluorescent lamp of 11 W will produce the same lighting as an incandescent lamp of 40 W to 60 W). Although the purchase price is higher than that of an incandescent lamp, its high performance makes it an attractive product to use from its first purchase. On a national level, the energy benefit is important.


They outlast incandescent lamps by six to fifteen times (6000 to 15000 hours versus 1000 hours).


With the heat reduced, the risks of heat damage are also reduced proportionally (fire, warping of the fixtures, etc.).


Fluorescent tubes for lighting are available in the following colour temperatures :

  • 2700 K : close to incandescent light; used in homes and hotels.
  • 3000 K : close to halogen light; used in chicken coop (will not disturb the hens’ eyes).
  • 3500 K : (common) between halogens used in the homes and those used for office lighting. Often called: neutral colour. It is the colour most used in retail stores. Warm colours (red, yellow and orange) stand out as well as cold colours (blue, white, mauve, etc.). This colour is the happy medium between relaxation and productivity.
  • 4000 K : "neutral" white, widely used in offices, industrial environment (but also domestic). This intermediate colour temperature has the advantage of appearing neither too yellow during the day, nor too cold at night. It is the most common colour temperature in fluorescent tubes (formerly named Cool White). Several fluorescent colours are now available.
  • 5000 K : close to sunlight (used in dairy barns).
  • 6500 K : close to daylight or an overcast day (used for work surfaces).
  • 8000 K : (uncommon) close to the light of a blue sky (northern light), special uses.

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